Philippine Normal University BSMT Batch 1979

Who We Are

In 1974, The National Science Development Board of the Philippines together with The Phillippine Normal College launched Project 7405Ed with the goal of improving quality of Math and Physics secondary school instruction in the country. Students participating in the project were selected in a nationwide competitive examination for NSDB scholarship awards.  Each batch of 50 scholars chose between Math and Physics as specialization and had to maintain academic excellence in order to remain with the program.

BSMT79 is the second batch of graduated scholars who were conferred with Bachelor of Science in Mathematics for Teaching. They were classmates until the completion of the training program in 1979. See Class List.
Three decades after graduation, they found themselves re-connecting from different walks of life and from different countries through Matrix1979 email group started sometime May 2009. Since then, more than half of the class have re-connected with the resolve of being in touch over years to come. Other classmates are currently being located. The group is actively documenting the past, currently strengthening their bonds and discussing the future.

Our Goals

We are a non-profit organization, members of the BSMT79 group have the following resolve:

  • To strengthen renewed bonds and share experiences among classmates
  • To network with other groups, sharing ideas and goals
  • To foster discussions and support to Mathematics education in particular and Education in general.
Initiatives and Projects
  • Reunion by July 2010
  • BSMT79 Website
  • Determine and achieve group projects
  • Networking and collaboration with other groups of similar goals.


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